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Duralast auto parts are produced to the strictest standards by industry-leading manufacturers who utilize the highest quality materials, state-of-the-art processes, and expertly designed components. Take care of customers confidently with Duralast parts.

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01Proven Tough

Duralast is your trusted source for OE quality parts, whether you’re running a shop or rolling up your sleeves and doing it yourself.

02Proven Quality

Your reputation is only as good as the parts you use – Duralast parts use industry-leading manufacturers, robust materials, and stringent quality control standards to ensure that all parts are equal to OE standards for every part, every time.

03Proven Performance

Every job you do is a test of your performance, and keeping customers satisfied is either pass or fail. All Duralast parts go through rigorous evaluation and testing to ensure OE Performance so they pass the ultimate test – how they perform on your customers’ vehicles.

04Proven Protection

With Duralast parts you can install with confidence, knowing that even when put through the most extreme conditions, your work and your name are protected. That’s why we offer warranties on select parts, guarantees and programs that take care of both you and your customers.

05Proven Coverage

Thousands of professionals install Duralast parts every day. Our 20+ major part categories cover over 90% of vehicles, on average, on the road today. From import and domestic to medium duty trucks, Duralast parts have the coverage to keep your bays and your customers’ wheels turning.

“Good as new.

My customers want to drive out of here feeling as confident in their car as the day they drove it off the dealer’s lot.”

Jeff O.
Technician | 27 Years

Duralast delivering OE Quality, Every Part Every Time

“Failure is not an option.

We’ve got to get it right the first time and every time. I need my customers safe and satisfied.”

Donnie M.
Technician | 24 Years

Duralast delivering OE Quality, Every Part Every Time